College Students & Title IX

Both founders of the Art of Survival work at universities in the Greater Boston Area, and are all too familiar with the landscape of sexual assault and Title IX issues on college campus. We'd like to provide some resources for students.


Know Your IX

Provides information on the details of Title IX and a student's rights and power in regards to ending sexual violence on campus.

They connect survivors with tools for taking action on their campuses, and provide resources that help survivors find a lawyer that will fully support them.

Direct email:


End Rape on Campus

End Rape on Campus is a national organization providing confidential, complimentary resources to survivors, parents, alumni, and faculty seeking support through filing federal complaints, connecting survivors with mental health professionals and legal counsel, and mentoring student activists.

Direct: 424-777-3762 (EROC)


Center for Changing Our Campus Culture

The Center for Changing Our Campus Culture (The Center) is an online resource to address sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. The Center  is supported by the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women


It's On Us

The "It's On Us" campaign was launched following recommendations from the White House Task Force to Prevent Sexual Assault that noted the importance of engaging everyone in the conversation to end sexual violence. 

The campaign combines innovative creative content and grassroots organizing techniques to spark conversation on a national and local level.


RAINN - Staying Safe on Campus

RAINN has many so many resources for survivors along with resources to help prevent sexual assault on college campuses. The button below will take you to an article about staying safe and keep those around you safe while you're at college.