One year ago, we launched this project for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and over the last year, we have shared 123 stories over a myriad of topics, including 20+ tattoo stories! Thank you to all of our artists, anyone who has shared a story, and especially to anyone who has donated to our project or purchased a shirt, patch, or stickers. Your support means the world to us!

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Katy and I are big tattoo lovers and we believe in BOTH the storytelling quality of tattoos as well as the healing quality of tattoos. So! We are launching TATTOOSDAY at The Art of Survival!

As the image says, send us a picture of a tattoo or tattoos that have a significant story that is tied to your survival in life and write at least 400 words (you can write as many as you'd like) about the tattoo, it's meaning, and what it means to you today.

These stories will all run on Tuesdays! One per week! So you have plenty of time to submit them to us!

The caveat with TATTOOSDAY is that we will not be making you a free piece of art, instead, your ink IS the art we will share with the story—which makes the most sense. BUT we will send you some stickers for sharing your story with us!

Click here to see our published Tattoosday pieces!


Each image below will reveal a new story.



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