048: Dancing Through the Pain

Trigger warning: This post contains information about depression, which may affect some survivors.

048: "Dancing Through the Pain" Maria Napoli

"Depression has been my demon since I was 12 years old.

Never did I ever feel comfortable enough to tell someone what I was going through until I came to Lesley University. At the CommonLynx Retreat [a peer-led Diversity seminar] in the Fall of 2015, I shared my story for the first time in my life. That moment changed me forever.

Now, thanks to the incredible community of people I found at Lesley, I am comfortable with who I am and what I have been through, and I know that everything really truly does get better, especially when you have support from others.

One year ago I would never picture myself being here- creating a dance video to share my story- but here I am. And I couldn't be happier about it."

- Maria Napoli

About the art:

Maria has been a dancer since she was a toddler. It is her way of working through her emotions, and was the reason she is attending Lesley University for Expressive Arts Therapy.

She wanted to share her story through dance, and thus the video was born. She is dancing to the song "A Little Over Zero" by Elisa - a song she feels accurately represents her manifestation of depression, consistently feeling alone even when surrounded by people.

She worked with a friend from her hometown in New York to create the video, so this is a special feature piece created by Maria & Matthias Toia that we were very happy to have as an addition to our ongoing project.

Thank you for sharing your story Maria! I know you're going to go on to help a lot of people through dance, just as you helped yourself.

- Katy