Tattoosday 010: Breathe. That's all. Just Breathe.

Content warning: The following story contains references to drug use and anxiety, which may be triggering for some readers.

"Breathe. That's all. Just Breathe." Jessica Barrows

I had finally ended a relationship that let's be honest, hadn't been working from the start. Although I was sure I wanted this relationship to end, my now ex-girlfriend still didn’t have a place to stay, and I still had a heart so I wanted her to be able to sort out her living situation before asking her to leave. I was gearing up for my transition from county college to a 4-year-school, and as a high school drop out this was going to be a huge change for me.

I was in the scheme of things, recently off of heroin, and still adapting to getting through life without an easy coping mechanism. I had also moved away from my friends a couple of years back, and as an introvert, was still trying to find my way and find people near me that I could connect with. Life was changing, and I was happy about that, but my anxiety was at an all time high. I remember this point in my life as the time I was most anxious, and remember even getting physically sick as a result.

My ex-girlfriend living with me was extremely anxiety-provoking and I tried to avoid home as much as possible. There I would go for a drive just to get out. I was in therapy, and this helped immensely. We would discuss anxiety reducing techniques, but for me, none of them ever stuck. Self-talk, while helpful, was never something I in-the-moment would actually do. I began using breathing as a simple tool to calm myself down, and found it to be the most effective thing I have done to date. 

I decided to get “Breathe” tattooed on my wrist as a simple and everyday reminder to do so. Breathe. That’s all. Just breathe. It’s a simple word, but at times can be difficult to do. I get overwhelmed easily, and struggle with making decisions at times. In such a difficult transition period for myself, I found difficulty in doing the simplest of things.

Before everything, breathe. Before deciding, breathe. 

While life is not nearly as chaotic, and I have grown so much, I know that anxiety will always be something I struggle with. This tattoo continues to serve as a reminder to always just breathe.

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