Tattoosday 013: Love Life

"Love Life," Jessica Barrows

This tattoo is a 2-part piece, as the "Love Life" was done at 18 - an awful addition was done the following year (Note: Don't ever get tattooed in unprofessionally!) The roses were done as a cover up last year by an amazing artist. 

The "Love Life" was done as a simple reminder to do just that. Stemming from the Atmosphere song of the same title, this tattoo reminds me to love life, and all that it has to offer, the "beauty as well as the flaws."

Prior to age 18, life had ups and downs, and surely more of the latter. I found it important to look at every flaw as a lesson learned and an opportunity for better. This tattoo reminds me to do that when I let my mind get the best of me - though I'll admit, after 18 life has had a hell of a lot of ups. 

The initial tattoo was a bird on each shoulder, one representing an angel and one representing a devil. The idea behind it being that both are always an option and are always present - decisions are good or bad and it is a struggle to make the right one. 

The roses were done as a cover-up at the suggestion of the artist, who said this design would best cover everything. However, roses are said to symbolize balance, and I believe I finally have mine. I no longer need to choose between good or bad. Decisions are not absolute and do not define a person. I'm somewhere balanced in between and as long as I strive to be better, that's all that matters.

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