Tattoosday 008: What I Needed to Get this Far

"What I needed to get this far…" Jason Krok


This is a testament to my perseverance through anything that life can throw at me. Specifically, the current three years that I have been attending college at Lesley university. 

I always wanted to be a designer. I showed my parents through high school that this is what I wanted to do with my life. My passions all wrapped into one could be seen in my artwork. They were so proud of me. I was hopeful that they could see my potential as an artist. 

They gave me that chance to prove to myself and to them that I could make it. I was accepted into the best art school I could find, The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University(AIB). The first year, represented by one of the perfect arrows, was difficult. I struggled with drawing because I had never actually had any practice drawing with pencils and actual paper before. I was nervous but I ended up passing the class and making a lot of progress at the school. I had even my name on the dean’s list to prove it.  

I brought it back home to my parents. They were so proud of me. I could see they finally saw the potential in me to make it as an artist. I felt on top of the world. I could do anything…. 

The second year of school was around the corner. I was getting ready for another successful year at school when I found out the possibility of my progress at school could be halted or even terminated. My parents were struggling, we couldn’t afford the money needed to pay for the year. I tried to convince my parents to go through with it but it was ultimately up to them.  

At the last possible moment, they told me I couldn’t go back to AIB.  I felt crushed, defeated, and I had this underlying feeling that I had let my parents down. I understood the situation the best I could but I still felt crushed. This year was hard for me. Represented by the broken arrow, the year was full of doubt in my ability and my confidence sank. I would ask myself is it even worth it anymore. 

But over that year my doubt quickly became the fire that fueled me to work my way back to a better education and making my family proud. I took all of the classes I could, worked full time, and dedicated myself to my art. Represented by the middle arrow, that year became my rebound.  The year that I felt so down and out actually fueled me to get back up and continue to follow my dream as a designer. I came back that following year to AIB, now called LUCAD, with a better sense of what I needed to do to stay where I was before. 

This tattoo reminds me of what I had to go through to get to where I am now. The arrows themselves symbolize this perseverance. An arrow needs to be pulled back in order to move forward. And the quote “What I needed to get this far…”, lyrics from “Alberta” by Seaway, wraps the ideas behind my three years in school. 

“No matter what happens to you in life, stay strong. Take a deep breath, and think to yourself… This is what I needed to get this far."

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